Art KarshmerOur dear colleague and friend Art is gone. Arthur I. Karshmer (vita) passed away on November 11, 2015.

We lose an outstanding teacher in Computer Science and a researcher in the field of Assistive Technologies and Accessibility for people with disabilities. We will miss a dear colleague and friend. Art was active and a leader in many domains, to name only a few examples:

  • He acted as General Chair, program committee member and editor of ICCHP since 1994. In 2014 he received the ICCHP Roland Wagner Award for his outstanding contributions to better access to mathematics for people with disabilities.
  • He was member of the Advisory Council and Program Chair of the California State University (CSUN) Conference on Technology and Disability, one of the world largest and leading meetings in our field.
  • He was the founder and center of gravity of the International Group on Universal Mathematics Accessibility (IGUMA), an informal group of researchers, developers and industry focusing on better access to STEM subjects for disabled people.
  • He supported and co-operated with the Infty Project working on solutions for better access to math and science.
  • Art Karshmer retired from University of San Francisco, his last base from where he supported the work on a better quality of life for people with disabilities

Our thoughts are with his wife Judy and his children Elana and Avi in having to realize this incredible loss. 

Our field looses a brilliant forward thinking expert, inspiring and educating for many. With this book of condolence we want to share our feelings and memories in saying good bye to Art. We invite all friends and all who worked, laughed, argued with Art and benefited from his brilliance, helpfulness and humor.




Art, you will always be in our thoughts

I personally met you during the gala dinner of ICCHP 2008 for the first time, and it is hard to describe what I feel for you ever since without crying.

Thank you for doing what you did, and thank you for being the great person that you always will be.

We will miss your physical presence, but your memory will NEVER fade away!

By Torsten Felzer


A great lost for our community and for the advances of technology for helping people witrh special needs,

By A Min Tjoa

It was an honour knowing you


While I only got to know you at the last ICCHP, I enjoyed the time I did know you. I learned much from our dinners and meetings at ICCHP and learned much about the extent of your work and contributions to accessibility to technology for people with disabilities. You will be missed by all.

Deb Fels

By Deborah Fels

Art, you will be sorely missed

Art was a great friend and mentor (and my supervisor, when I worked as a faculty at New Mexico State). His enthusiasm was infectious, and he was responsible for getting me to dabble in assistive technology. Art, you will be greatly missed.

By Gopal Gupta

Thank you Art

Thank you for fighting for accessibility, for your inspiration and support, for the many good discussions and laughs we had. My thoughts are with your family.

By Dorine in 't Veld


I only met Art a few times, but it was clear that he was a true gentleman, and a real pioneer of making Mathematics accessible. He will be sorely missed.

By Gordon Hunter (Kingston University, UK)

Thank you Arthur Karshmer,

for your fighting for the accessibility for all, I will miss you. But I will always remember, a brillant researcher that you are extremely work and fighting for the ICCHP.
Thank you very much

By Willibald Kremser, Austrian Computer Society

Goodbye Art


thank you for your lessons, both in work and in life. I will always keep your memory with me, remembering the good laughs and happy moments.

My sincere condolences to Judy and your family.

By Valeria Brigatti

A goodbye from Florence

I shall remember forever his visit in Florence, where his love for art was fighting against his deep interest in discussing about the use of technology for helping people.

My condolences to his family.

By Pier Luigi Emiliani

Thanks for the Fun and Inspiring Moments

Art was one of the key persons who inspired my activities in the (mathematics) accessibility field. I remember the many fun and inspiring moments we enjoyed at ICCHP conferences and have deeply appreciated his continued support of the ICCHP Summer University events. I wish his family all the best as they deal with this loss. Art, thanks one last time and we shall continue our work in your spirit!

By Tim in 't Veld


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